Material about the urgent: how to travel cheap if the Euro jumps, and with it the price in rubles?

Go to Europe cheap: 10 life hacks budget travel

I thought-I thought, how to explain and came up with more accessible! For me, the winner of five Schengen – the secrets of the economy in Europe is obvious, but for a newbie in the travel business, probably not. More details to the website.

Therefore, it was decided to take a friend of Dmitry, who has not yet seen abroad, but really wants and seems to be even preparing to find out his algorithm for organizing the trip and, based on the result, to send in the right direction, simultaneously explaining the announced life hacks and you, the reader.

And finally, we are here, of course, about Europe, but suddenly you are interested in new York or Dubai? Look to us in Telegram channel @howtrip! Europe, too, there is:)

1. To decide how it is cheaper to rest – on their own or with a tour
– So the plan is to visit Europe cheaply. Do you want to go on a tour or «pick up» trip yourself?
– Himself, of course. So 100% more profitable!

Explanation: Yes, but not so. The majority of EU countries do it makes more sense to visit on your own. But:

if you plan to fly to the same country,
these are Spain, Greece, Cyprus or Bulgaria,
and the goal – the rest of the sea,
then the tour will be cheaper. The truth, tested by me more than once! Even to see the same Barcelona, it is cheaper to take a ticket, for example, in Pineda de Mar and several times to drive on the train to the city than to arrange a self-tour of the capital.

A special case is the Czech Republic. This is not a «sea» country does not fit into the rule, but the amount of tour operators still set fabulous – from 30 000 rubles for two for 7 days.

Budget countries for travel in Europe
In all other cases, the cheapest Europe = independent trip + well-chosen direction. The other day there was published an article about 7 super-budget countries in Europe, I recommend to read! For priming: it is Poland, Romania, Hungary and…

10 Lithgow 10 budget travel the budget travel life hacks 10 life hacks, budget traveling
Street of Barcelona — the Sagrada Familia — the seaside (Nudist beach)

2. Search for cheap tours
– Wait, did you see the prices at the travel agencies? Where will they find me such a cheap Czech Republic?
– I saw it, so I switched to online aggregators.

Explanation: tourists of «Pro» level catch cheap tours to Europe, and to any «package» country, with the help of special services, such as:

They are able to find an interesting option, because analyze the base of more than 120 tour operators. Simple and convenient: put jackdaws on the desired filters, asked the price available to suggestions, have studied the reviews-photos, paid, got the paperwork in the mail – and all this creeping out of the house

Cheap tours to Europe
Our trip to Italy (Milan, July 2016)

3. Bank cards for travel
– You can save money abroad and at the expense of the card. Have you considered any Bank offers?
– Honestly, I never thought about it.

Explanation: and in vain, budget travel, as for me, begins with cashback – from booking tickets and to spending in a cafe. Return of funds – real money – comes to about 7-10% with each purchase (in particular, with a map of the Bank). Read more in a separate article – the best maps for the traveler >>

Observation point Bunker

Observation point «Bunker» in Barcelona — high and free

4. Low cost airlines (low-cost airlines)
– I thought you were going to Paris? Are you looking for tickets?
– Monitor flights, three months ahead.. but it is not so profitable to fly from Moscow.

Explanation: Inexpensive and comfortable – it happens very rarely, so you have to sacrifice something. Probably know that the cheapest flights – in Europe. True backpackers tenderly love low-cost airlines (low-cost airlines) – Ryanair, Wizzair, Vueling, etc.: once in the Eurozone, you can travel all over it.

How to get out of Russia without much loss? The main directions are Vilnius, Riga, Helsinki, Tallinn.

From Moscow: Nesterovsky train (≈1200 rubles), buses Ecolines, Luxexpress (≈3500 rubles), for fans of harder – Blablacar (≈1500 rubles)
From St. Petersburg: buses Ecolines, Luxexpress (≈1500 rubles), bus to Helsinki (≈1000 rubles)
From the regions: more difficult, but chip flights are also, for example, Kazan-Munich for 6000 rubles
And another rule: to buy tickets in advance – it always works. To slide cheap to Europe in may, I grabbed a ticket in September, and what! Moscow-Oslo for 3500

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